Friday, March 11, 2011

Torn - which breakfast treat to make?

Help!  I am trying to find something that's not too crazy to make for breakfast Sunday morning for some overnight guests (a.k.a. my in-laws). 

I NEED your input people!  Puhhlease, pretty please?  I'm not really wanting to be the tie breaker between the (maybe) two people who will comment, so you lurkers, can you comment too please?  I know there are at least 3 or 4 of you ;-)  hehe.

Ok, so we can go with the tried and true:

The subtle and not overboard but still looks delish:

The way overboard and totally out there:

Or the french bakery with coffee and a newspaper option:

Ugh... I just don't know!  Help!

P.S. I am certainly thinking about those in Japan and elsewhere effected by the earthquake and tsunami.  God speed to all of you.  As a friend said on facebook, "Mother nature is powerful.  Sending love to Japan".  My thoughts exactly.


  1. I'm thinking scones + french press coffee + newspaper!

  2. I'm thinking we really need a french press! Y'all are dangerous to us when it comes to making us want more kitchen items... :) But we love you anyways!

  3. Just saw this today. I am sure whatever you made our in-laws, they loved. They always do.

  4. So what did you decide on??

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  6. Thanks Erin! They did love it! And Sarah, you'll have to wait and see ;)


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