Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oatmeal Scotchies... the easy kind

If you came here today to see some kind of ritzy glitzy extra special baked goody... well you came to the wrong place.  Today I will show you one of my easy go to recipes when the Hubby and I want something sweet without all the effort.  We are talking majorly easy.  Plus, if you have a mixing bowl, spatula, tablespoon, baking sheet/pan, and all the ingredients then you are good to go!

What you need:
-A package of oatmeal cookie mix (I always get the Betty Crocker kind, but any kind will do)
-All the ingredients it says to use on the back (they are all different so I don't want to tell you one thing and it actually need another because it's a different brand from mine - it is usually eggs and oil or butter)
-1 cup of butterscotch chips

Yes, seriously that's it.  And yes it makes a glorious creation for devouring.

So what you do is mix all the oatmeal cookie mix and the rest of the ingredients the package calls for very well.  Then you add in the cup of butterscotch chips and mix that well.  The mixing can either be done by hand with a spatula, with a hand mixer, or with a stand mixer... but a mixer is certainly not necessary. 

Then you will take either a cookie scoop or a tablespoon (which will make a slightly smaller cookie than the scoop) and you scoop out the dough onto a cookie sheet.  You can line the cookie sheet with a silpat, etc. but that's also not necessary. 

Bake at the temperature and for the amount of time the package suggests.  Then take them out and you have your delicious creation that is sure to please most any palate! 

Cue angels singing!  Yes they are that good... so good that I may or may not have cut off one of those cookies with a knife to have a nice fresh from the oven taste... see it right there on the bottom right?  Now I know there are lots and lots of really tasty homemade recipes for these cookies... but I just really like these from the box.  You won't catch me saying that about too many things either!  ;) 

I hope you enjoy!

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